Deal Propensity

Deal Propensity

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prandin I love cold calling.  The thrill to close a deal with someone you never knew before you approached them is very rewarding.

stintedly grand mondial casino italiano But, there’s a fine line between being persistant and just darn annoying.  When approaching someone cold – you need to quickly judge whether there’s a propensity to get a deal done.  What I often found is that deals happen if what you are proposing is already on their radar.  They have already internalized it but more often than not, didn’t have the required time to focus on it.

32red italiano casino review Malakal If the propensity isn’t there.  Walk away and be respectful of people’s time.

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I suck at Hiring!

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slotplaza simply wild inexpressibly I read all the books about it.  All of which talked about taking your time to hire the right person.  I always had the best intentions at the onset of all my startups, where I vowed to only hire the best – and if I have any doubt, I wouldn’t hire.

deze app kan niet worden geopend windows 10 Truth be told, I never stuck to that promise.  No matter what we did in the hiring process – written tests, exams, multiple interviews – 1 out 2 times we got it wrong.

What we did do right is we fired fast.  It usually took less than 2 weeks to know whether the person we brought onboard would fit in our culture and become a key team member.  If it didn’t work, we would let them go quickly.  But if the fit was right after that two week, we did everything in our power to keep them forever.


Sunk Cost

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The concept of Sunk Cost is simple: It’s money, time, effort, energy spent that have already been incurred – and hence cannot be recovered.  It’s your past successes and failures.

To make the right decision moving forward, the past has to be looked as Sunk Cost. Never get emotionally attached to the past even though you have given it your all.  Make the right decision moving forward without the pressure of recovering your past investments, time, effort and ego.  This simple concept will allow you to discover new opportunities, and achieve greatness without the weight of the past.

The past is a teacher, but the past is also SUNK COST.

Ask Who, Not What

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Since we are able to utter a few words, we are asked WHAT we
want to do when we grow up?  A doctor, an police officer, a

What if we changed the question to: WHO do you want to work with?

I often find young entrepreneurs trying hard to find the next killer
idea.   Instead, what if they spend all that time finding the right WHO?

From the little that I know, this undoubtedly leads to greater
WHATs than any one WHO could imagine – not to mention the blast you
will have during the ride to get there.